2016-05-26 (2016.4)

Release Date: May 26, 2016

This release includes new functionality and fixes. Here are the details:


Campaign Exclude

There is a new option in Campaigns to exclude subscribers from a campaign.

If do not include in campaign is selected, when the campaign looks for subscribers to add to the campaign, subscribers matching a filter are not added. However, if at some point they no longer match the filter, they are then added to the campaign within five minutes of the change (i.e. this is a temporary exclusion).

If remove from campaign is selected, subscribers in the campaign matching a filter are immediately and permanently moved to the stop step of the campaign. This is a permanent removal.

You can access the Exclude window from the Activate tab in the Campaign Designer.

Remove Column

There is a new Remove column on the Campaign Report Page (Subscriber tab). Each row contains the word "Remove" with a hyperlink that allows you to remove the corresponding subscriber. Clicking displays an alert modal that reads "Are you sure you want to remove [subscriber email] from this campaign?"

Click Yes to remove the subscriber. This refreshes the list and moves the subscriber to the Stop step of the campaign. Note that the subscriber remains in the reports for the campaign.

Remove a Mailing from a Step

In the Campaign Designer, you can now remove the mailing from an existing mailing step. When you click Remove, the original mailing is deleted (the step itself is not deleted).

Multiple Stop Steps

Multiple stops can now be added to the campaign canvas. This step only has an input node; it is used so that you do not need to draw a long line from a step to the final stop step (this should help ease the design of long flows). Note that while you will see additional Stop steps in the flow, these will all end up at the final stop step.

Wait Steps

Wait steps can no longer be removed when they are populated with subscribers (i.e. subscribers are in those steps).

Campaign Report Sharing

You can now share campaign reports via the Share button on the Campaign Report page. The report is available up to 90 days after the campaign's end date (if an end date is not specified, it is set for one year from the current day).

You can send the Campaign Shared Report to any user-specified email address (specified in the resulting pop-up window). Enter the email addresses and any additional text in the pop-up.

The email that you send contains your message along with the following text: "You have been given access to the Informz Campaign Activity Report for {campaign name here}. You will have access to this report for the next 90 days"

The auto-sharing feature should send this email to users that are specified via the Campaign Properties pop-up. The auto-share will be sent weekly at a specified time.

Copying Campaigns Without Mailings

There is a new feature - Copy without Mailings - that allows you to copy a campaign without copying all the associated mailings. The mailing step will remain in the campaign, but the associated mailing will be removed.

This option is only available if the campaign has mailings. The existing Copy function is unchanged, and you cannot copy a campaign with errors.

Displaying Campaigns on Calendar

There is now a checkbox on the Mailing Calendar to display campaigns. This checkbox is unchecked by default.

Only the start and end dates of the campaign are displayed. It will display as a multi-day event. Please note that campaign end dates are the points when a campaign stops accepting new subscribers. It is not the conclusion of the campaign.

Additionally, a new date - Estimated End Date - has been added to campaigns. This date is not editable, but rather is calculated when the campaign is saved. The date is based on when Informz calculates that all subscribers added to the campaign will have gone through the campaign. The Estimated End Date is based on different factors in the campaign (such as wait steps).

There are two times spans available on the calendar:

  • Campaign [Name] running and adding new subscribers: the time when the campaign is adding new subscribers
  • Campaign [Name] running but not adding any new subscribers: the time when the campaign is in process, but does not add new subscribers.


The Reviewer function has been changed so that those without an Informz login can view all stories in a Reviewer mailing (including those stories that were excluded from the online version). Reviewers do not need Informz permissions.

The function originally required authentication to determine who would see all stories versus who would have stories suppressed (because the Include in Online Version was unchecked) in a mailing.

Mailing Activity Report Automatic Sharing

There is now a means to automatically share the Mailing Activity Report. To access this feature, navigate to the Mailing Designer's Set-up tab and expand the Advanced section.

Click Edit or the associated input field to open a new window with checkbox to automatically send invitations to view the report for the mailing.

Checking this box opens the full window. Users can input the email addresses for sharing the report. There is also a window to input a message to the user that appears on the email invitation to view the report. Additionally, there is a checkbox that allows the invited users to view the Details tab for the report.

From Address

Certain public email addresses are more likely to be blocked by email servers, so Informz now has a check to ensure that the From Address for a mailing does not include one of these often-blocked public email domains. You will receive an error message when using any of these domains. The most common domains include gmail.com, hotmail.com, and yahoo.com. To see a complete list, contact your Advisor.

API Scheduling Variation

There is a new API call to set mailings on hold (this puts the mailing on hold so that you an reschedule it). Scheduled/Triggered mailings are moved to the In Progress tab of the Mailing Designer when this call is made. Mailings on the Review tab remain in place. Mailings on the Sent tab are displayed both on the Sent tab and on the In Progress tab.

You now receive a message to put the mailing on hold before rescheduling.


Newsletters have been completely removed from Informz. References to Newsletters are no longer present in the Informz UI, and newsletters are no longer an option under the Mailing > Create menu. Any active newsletters have been converted to mailings.

Calendar Target Group Display

When you hover over a scheduled or tentative mailing on the Mailing Calendar, the tooltip that appears will now contain the target group(s) that are used in the mailing. A tentative mailing (whose date has passed) will continue to display the target groups. Sent mailings will not display the target groups.

Accounting Code Sent Tab

If you use accounting codes, a new column will be available on the Sent tab called Accounting Code. This displays the accounting code associated with a mailing that was published. It does not display by default, but you can add it like any other column. This column displays information going backward.

Template Gallery

In the first version of Template Gallery, banner images were limited to 200 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. You can now upload images and resize them to 650 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.