2016-05-06 (2016.3)

Release Date: May 6, 2016

This release includes new functionality and focuses heavily on minor fixes. Here are the details:

Mailing Summary Report

There is a new filter in the Mailing Summary Report that allows users to search based on the target group used within a mailing. This will display mailings that used the target group either as the included or the opt-out target group.

If the target group is part of a compound, the search will not yield a match. A match only occurs if the target group in the filter is the same as the target group used to send the mailing to.

The target group selector in the report will display deleted target groups in red (these might have been used as a mailing target group in the past).

If more than one account is selected in the filter, the target group selector is hidden.

Mailing List Sent Tab

A new column was added to the Mailing List page to display the Sender. This displays the last name of the person who scheduled the mailing (pulled from his or her user account information). This data will begin to populate from 05/06/16 forward.

iMIS Campaign Writebacks

iMIS writeback information can now support campaigns. This will write back everyone who is in a campaign and will note their current step in that campaign. This writeback is completed once-daily (based on when the writebacks were activated in the account) into a user-defined table in iMIS (INFORMZ_CAMPAIGN). Information for creating a user-defined table is found in the iMIS Bridge document. If necessary, reach out to your Advisor for the latest copy.

Manager Permissions

The scope of the Manager position has narrowed to a "view reports" role. Below is a list of changes for users who only have the Manager position:

  • Removed access to the subscriber search area.
  • Provided access to the Transactional Mailing report without accessing the rest of the Transactional module
  • Removed the Create button the Mailing List page.
  • Removed the Show Deleted, Delete, and Move to Folder options on the Mailing List toolbar.
  • Removed all tabs from the Mailing List page (except the Sent tab).
  • Removed all selections from the mailing hover menu except Report.
  • Removed the View Mailing button from the Mailing Activity Report.

Please ensure that any users who only have the Manager position are aware of these changes so that no one is surprised by the scope update.

Template Gallery

“Doctype 5” was not enabled automatically when a responsive design template from the Template Gallery was downloaded, causing rendering issues with those templates on mobile devices. This has been fixed, so that Doctype 5 is now being added upon download. A small menu display in the template gallery was also fixed during coding. The screenshot below shows the current Template Gallery page.

Social Sharing

Several small issues were causing problems with the display of social sharing posts. The feature has been changed to eliminate the problems.

When users click the social sharing button in the story editor, they will see the following screen:

Users must now add an image up front for the social site to use if a subscriber shares the social posting. By adding an image up front, social sites will no longer grab the wrong image. This will help protect your subscribers' user experience.

While images are not required for Twitter sharing, they are required for Facebook, LinkedIn, and AddThis. Images must be at least 200 x 200 pixels to be usable by a social site. Users are prompted to upload a different image if their original image does not match this requirement.


Checkbox functionality has been improved - interactions with checkboxes are now less sensitive. Checkboxes will no longer respond to "misclicks." Previous clicks are no longer undone if you click outside of the checkbox.


vCalendar links are now able to be tracked in reports, even when the short link tracking extension has been turned off.

Note that vCalendar items should have a standard naming convention so that it easy to identify them in reports.

Subscriber Import

Previously, when performing a subscriber import, Step 2 of 3 (Create New) required users to choose the correct delimiter to upload a file. However, the system did not indicate this, and the data format would save and return the user to the Select Data Format page.

Informz will now automatically determine the delimiter based on the import. It appears as the only choice in the Column Delimiter field.

API & Personalization

The default personalization values created by an API ActionRequest were being reset. The following rule changes were made:

  • If the DefaultValue is not specified in the API request, do not update or delete the default personalization value already in the database.
  • If the DefaultPersonalization is specified in the API request, update the database default personalization value.
  • If the DefaultValue is specified as blank in the API message, remove the default personalization value in the database.

API & Unsubscribe

When an unsubscribe ActionRequest occurs and the matching subscriber record based on remote ID has a different email address than the request, the unsubscribe is processed and the email address in Informz will be updated. The processing rules are:

  • Match by remote ID. Update all matching subscribers with email from request and set canceled status.
  • If there is no match by remote ID and no match by email,  create a new subscriber with canceled status and ID, email from request.  
  • If there is no match by remote ID (Remote ID is null or blank) match by email. Update all subscribers with ID from request and set canceled status.