2016-04-02 (2016.2)

Release Date: April 2, 2016

Below is a list of the enhancements and changes made in Sprint 2016.2.

Mailings Page

The ability to search the email body content of a mailing is now part of the Mailing page search functionality. This search looks into all non-deleted news stories in Mailings to find matches. Note that the search also includes the HTML code, so that searching a term such as “style” or “color” have the potential to return every mailing. Special characters will not be searched.

Template List

You can now search for specific templates from the Templates page.

.mil Addresses

The government organizations involved in overseeing .mil email addresses are no longer allowing HTML emails to go to those addresses. All active .mil subscribers have been switched to text format so that they receive mailings. Additionally, new .mil addresses will be automatically switched to text.

Transactional Mailing

The menu for the transactional mailings has replaced the Test option with a View and Test option.

Similar to other views in Informz, the Transactional Mailing Data view lets you search and manipulate columns via toolbar buttons. All columns are sortable.

Additionally, there is now a menu that allows each record that to tested in two ways: View On Screen or Email It. These options take you to the existing test options page, but instead of having a dropdown list for the Recipient, it displays your data in the same format in text field (this field is read only). The link at the bottom of this page (Go back to View and Test) returns you to the View and Test page. The maximum size of the upload file was doubled.


When new surveys were created, the font sizes were defaulting to 8, 8, and 8 for Questions, Answers, and Instructions. These defaults have been changed to 12, 10, and 10.


The limit of characters in the API.NET code for personal info values was increased to 1000 to allow you to add more characters to that field.