2016-02-12 (2016.1)

Release Date: February 12, 2016

Below is a list of the enhancements and changes made in Sprint 2016.1.

Action-Based Target Group

There is a new action-based target group called Clicked Any Links over a Period of Time that allows you to look for subscribers who clicked on any links for mailings sent over a period of time. You must set a start and end date to act as the time period delimiters for the publish dates of the mailings clicked as part of the target group. The range has a two-year limit — ranges longer than two years will not be accepted.

Additionally, there are two new action-based target groups: Opened Mailings within Recent Time Period and Clicked Link in Mailings within Recent Time Period. These groups let you set a number of clicks or opens (between 1 – 50) and the number of days back from the present day (between 1 – 100). This will be a dynamic target group that constantly changes to only look at the recent time interval set by the target group.