2016-01-26 (2015.13)

Release Date: January 26, 2016


There are now view requests to support extraction of scoring, personas, and web tracking activities for API integration.

Bulk Upload in the API can handle standard, state, and country demographics.

Date Codes

There is a date/time code now apart of the content codes to support the New Zealand time zone, as well as Singapore and Malaysia.


There is an additional code to auto-respond email suppression: AutoReply. This will help better filter auto-replies to mailings that the sender must deal with. This also addresses of any auto-reply messages that are still getting through to users.


The brand classification Food Processing is now part of the brand classification dropdown found on the System Settings page. This is placed under Professional and Trade Associations.

Target Groups

The count results for large action-based target groups has been improved and now calculates faster.

Snag Mail

The Snag Mail feature allows the user to test the snag feature.