2015-10-29 (2015.11)

Release Date: October 29, 2015

Subscriber Import

In areas of Informz where you are asked to select a folder, the default Main Folder is no longer displayed. The folder needs have to be selected in order to continue. This ensures that elements are not lost after being created or moved (i.e. they are easily located by selecting the destination folder).

The email sent to the importer of a list of subscribers now contains the name of the target group(s) and the folder containing the target group(s).

Informz Invoice Payments

Due to credit card policies, Informz can no longer accept credit card payments from clients of over $20,000. This only affects you when you are making payments to Informz for fees and email blocks.


Subscriber Search can now show the mailing that someone unsubscribed from. Navigate to Subscriber > Search, select Unsubscriber in subscription action, and then check the Unsubscribe Link in Email as the unsubscribe method. The Mailing Name column is now available in the list view to show the mailing where the unsubscribe came from.

Compound Target Groups

The words In Any have been replaced with In One or More when selecting criteria for a compound target group. Additionally, the selected criteria are now displayed on the Expand tab for a compound target group.

Data Input

The collection of international phone numbers has been improved.

iMIS Bridge Info Page

On the iMIS Bridge Information page, bridges can be searched for based on IP address.

Higher Logic

There are new changes to the procedure that populates the Higher Logic login table from Informz to support The Community. This was done to increase functionality and improve efficiency.