2015-10-09 (2015.10)

Release Date: October 9, 2015

Quickmail Scheduling

Quickmails can now be scheduled as transactional mailings monthly. This functions like the Mailing Designer, which has always had the ability to schedule mailings to be published weekly or monthly. The weekly scheduling code has also been updated.

Menu System

Extra Informz modules—such as Surveys, Voting, Events, etc.—are now under a new main menu called Modules. The functionality has not changed for these modules.

Data Formats

The Data Formats page (Subscribers > Import > Data Formats) has a new grid UI (table view).

Subscriber Search

The Subscriber Search report will now default to the status of All instead of the status of Active when performing a search.

Target Groups

The Description fields for target groups now provide a more in-depth description of the contents of the target group, specifically for integrated target groups.


The classification “For Profit – Entertainment” has been added to the list of classifications within Informz.


The Review page for a list of choices will now present options in the same order they are displayed on the Ballot page.