2015-09-04 (2015.9)

Release Date: September 4, 2015

Asset Manager

There is a new folder in the Asset Manager (Common) that contains several read-only images. These images cannot be deleted or altered, but can be included if you need small images to use in your mailings.

Shared Reports

Informz Insights now uses the name and email address of the user sending the invitation in the From field when sending to non-users. Previously, non-users would see "Informz" in this field.

Mailing List Page/Reports

There are now columns for Mailing ID and Mailing Instance that have been added to the In Progress, Review, Schedule, Sent, and Triggered tabs as well as the Mailing Summary report.

Content Code

There is a new Content Code for Year. This will just display the current year rather than an entire date and will be useful for auto-populating copyright years or similar content.

Subscriber Search

There is now a date selector in the Current Status section of the Subscriber Search. This lets you select a date range, and any subscribers who achieved the chosen status within that date range will be displayed.

iMIS Target Groups

A new column, called SQL Name, is now part of the Target Group List page. This column will show the name of the SQL Query in iMIS that corresponds to the target group.

Test Groups Page

The Test Groups page now has the same look and functionality as JQ Grid page.