2015-08-21 (2015.8)

Release Date: August 21, 2015

Menu System

There is a new main menu item in Informz called Marketing Automation. This menu contains Scoring, Personas, Campaigns, and Web Tracking. IF you do not have the Campaign or Web Tracking extensions, you will still see the items in the menu, but they will be grayed out (clicking the link takes you to a page that describes these features).

Template Gallery

You always have access to the Template Gallery unless you are given the extension to disable it.

Virtual Inbox with Informz Insights

The Virtual Inbox report was added to the list of reports that could be sent to interested parties via the Informz Insights method.

Distributed Mailing

Batches of mailings now hit different domains evenly. Additionally, the timing of the mailings within one hour has been improved.

Subscriber Upload History

The Subscriber Upload History area of Informz is now in the new grid (table) view. It now matches the look and functionality of other new areas of Informz.

Compound Target Groups

On the Compound Target Group page, the selection dropdown now allows for multiple selections. The label for the In Any radio button was changed to In One or More. The buttons for adding and removing target groups from a compound are only shown as active when something has been selected.

Subscriber Upload

When you create a new Interest after a subscriber upload is complete, you now have the option to select a folder to hold newly-created Interests.