2015-07-10 (2015.7)

Release Date: July 10, 2015

Transactional Mailing/SQL View

Recurring transactional mailings can now be triggered and sent on a daily basis.

Informz Insights

The Informz Accounting Codes report (Admin > Setup> Mail Accounting Codes > Report) can now be shared via Informz Insights. Additionally, if you view reports in Informz Insights, you will now have the ability to export those reports to Excel.

Transactional Mailing

The Transactional Module has been changed to show commas to separate the thousands’ values in money values in the following places: mailing preview, published mailing, invoice attachment, and online version of mailing.

When you add an email address in the Admin Email Address field on the Create Transactional Mailing page, the email address should receive a copy of all the emails sent.