2015-06-30 (2015.6)

Release Date: June 30, 2015


A new feature in the Informz Reviewer allows you to edit or delete your own comments in the Reviewer. Comments that have been replied to cannot be edited or deleted to avoid orphaned comments.

Common Images Folder

A Common Images folder will be available to you within the Asset Manager. This is a read-only folder containing images that all you can use in your mailings.

Once the Common Images feature is enabled in a brand, you can see this folder in your Asset Manager. In a case where you do not wish your users to have access to the Common Images folder, you can request that this feature be suppressed through an extension (the extension is turned on by default).

The Common Images folder will be read-only. Because of this, you will not be able to delete images, rename images, add images, or otherwise manipulate the images in the folder. The images can only be added to content such as mailings

Because the Common Images folder is read-only, the Create, Upload, and Manage buttons are not active when you are in the Common Images folder.

HTML Editor

The table width formatting was changed from pixels to percentage of total width.

Test Group

Warnings have been added to the Test Group Creation page to instruct you that test groups are limited to 15 members.