2015-05-22 (2015.5)

Release Date: May 22, 2015

Campaign Starter Kits

Rather than having to create campaigns from scratch, you can now use a campaign starter kit to act as a template for a new campaign.

When you navigate to Campaigns > Create, you can now see the Click to Choose a Starter Kit window (shown below).

If you click one of the kits in the list, that kit appears in the your campaign screen with all steps in place and labeled (If you close the window, you will return to a blank campaign).

Target Group Dropdown Lists

In conjunction with the new Target Group List page, all of the areas in Informz that allow you to choose a target group now reflect the new folder system. The target group process is still two steps, but the labels on the two dropdown lists are now different. The first dropdown now says Folder and the second now says Target.

In some areas, the dropdown lists defaulted to the first target group (usually General > Administrator Logins). Now target group dropdown lists should always default to the Folder dropdown saying Select folder… and the Target dropdown remaining blank until a Folder is selected.

These dropdown lists are different in the following areas:

  • Mailing Designer (Mailing Level targeting)
  • Mailing Designer (Story Level targeting)
  • Quickmail
  • Newsletters
  • Snag Mail
  • Content Loader
  • Targeted Subject Lines on Mailing Designer
  • Voting
  • Event Mailings
  • Subscriber Search
  • Split Target Group
  • Create a Subset of a Target Group
  • Mailing Activity Report (Key metrics - Target Compare)
  • Subscribers with the Most Activity report
  • Bounces, Opens or Clicks by Date report
  • Fundraising

Target Group List Page

You are shown the new Target Group List page be default. A link to return to the old Target Group page will be provided for you if you wish to use that page.

When you create a new target group on the Target Group List page, you now have the ability to select a folder for that target group or create a new folder.

French Language Messages

There is now custom French language messaging for the opt-out window for a client.

Engagement/Lead Scoring

Target groups now process and calculate more quickly.

The Subscriber Info window now gives relevant information without giving users lacking the Subscribers permission access to subscriber information.