2015-04-24 (2015.4)

Release Date: April 24, 2015

A/B Send to Winner

Informz now features a new delivery system for A/B testing, Send to Winner. This should appear if A/B testing (any kind) is chosen for the mailing and the mailing is not a triggered mailing.


The first drop down will have options from 5% to 40%, in 5% increments (5%, 10%, 15%, etc.). The standard Informz Date/Time widget should appear when the user clicks on the date input box. The Date/Time should be validated to ensure it is at least four hours after the publish time.

You must choose one of the four variables shown below as the criteria for choosing the winner:

  • Highest Delivery Rate
  • Highest Open Rate
  • Highest Click Rate
  • Lowest Unsubscribe Rate

Recurring Mailing

Scheduling a recurring mailing using A/B Send to Winner sends to a percentage of subscribers at first and then will send the most successful mailing (based on the predefined criteria above) to the remaining percentage.

Other Considerations

The Mailing Activity report now changes the message that appears at the top of the page of the mailing Comparison report if the send to winner time has not occurred:
"Send to Winner Mailing in Progress. The remaining x emails will be sent to the mailing with the [insert criteria] on [insert upcoming publish time/date]."

On the Options tab of the Mailing Activity report, add two new lines: A/B Testing and A/B Test Send to Winner. If these are not used in the mailing, you will just say "No" for that line. If A/B Testing is used, that line should say "Yes", and then in parentheses after it should say what kind of A/B Test was used: Subject Line, One Story, All Stories, etc. If Send to Winner was used, there will be three lines:

  • Line 1: Yes (in parentheses provide the selected criteria: highest delivery rate, highest open rate, etc.)
  • Line 2: What percentage was selected for initial send
  • Line 3: The date and time when the remainder was scheduled for sending

If the winner has already been sent write out the following:
“Send to Winner has completed. The Winner was Version [insert winning version letter (A/B)]. It had an Open rate of [x%] and Version B had an Open rate of [y%].”

Shared Reports

Informz now features a shared reports portal, known as Informz Insights.

You will be able to share three types of reports: Mailing Activity report, Mailing Comparison report, and Survey report. When you click Share, you see a Share Report window. You can enter the email addresses to share with, as well as a brief message for the people receiving the share emails. The email has a link to the new Informz Insights page, which will have information on Informz and links to any shared reports. See the Informz Insights User Guide for further details.

Mailing Summary Reports

There is now a Mailing Subject column in the Mailing Summary report, so that you can see the subject lines of all the mailings shown in the report.

Compound Target Groups/ Target Group List Page

The description field on the new Target Group List page now contains the description of the compound. It displays a comma-separated list of target groups included.