2014-07-24 (2014.10)

Release Date: July 24, 2014

Send Mailing

Starting After is now a required field in the Daily/Weekly recurring mailing send options.

Test Mailings

If a test mailing bounces, there is a new notification which will include the name of the mailing along with the bounce details.

Insert Hyperlink

If an Informz encoded hyperlink (e.g. izdev1.me/abcZabc) is used with Insert Hyperlink, a warning will display advising you that this is not supported. If the goal of the insert was to present a previously sent mailing, you should use the Archived Mailing Hyperlink Type.

You now have the ability to create a subject line for a Email Address hyperlink. This subject line is simply the default subject line, and subscribers can override this defatult with their own subject line if they wish.

Insert Bookmark

There is now a dropdown list of all bookmarks (potentially in multiple stories in the mailing). This list displays bookmarks from active stories. If this is an A/B mailing, it only displays from the “A” version.