2014-07-07 (2014.9)

Release Date: July 7, 2014

iMIS Personalization

You now have the ability to set a default value for your iMIS Profile. This is meant to help personalize mailings when the field is empty.

To manage these values,  navigate to Subscribers > Profile Info > iMIS Profiles. Hover over the desired field, click Modify, and enter value. Click Update when complete.

Mailing Activity Report

The from email address used when you share a Mailing Activity Report has changed from support@informz.net to the initial user that shared the report. When you click Reply to a shared report, the message will be directed to someone within the organization.

There has also been an update that provides more current categorization of the email clients you use when you open a mailing. You can view these updates by navigating to Mailing Activity Report > Details tab > Opens > Mobile Clients (pie chart).

When you delve within the Opens area, you can also see the updated categorization in the Email Client Type report.

Mailing List - Triggered Tab

There is now a Refresh button in the Triggered tab on the Mailing List page.


The web servers used for the API were upgraded to Windows 2008 R2, leaving you with a faster, and more reliable experience.