2014-06-13 (2014.7 & 2014.8)

Release Date: June 13, 2014

Mailing Designer - Send Tab

There is a new Calendar button available on the Send tab of the Mailing Designer. You can now easily see any scheduled mailings. This will help you optimize your send time.

Click Calendar to display the calendar in a separate window (the calendar functionality has remained unchanged).

Session Timeout

Session timeout has been increased to two hours. If no activity has been detected for two hours, the following pop-up window will open:

Session activity occurs when you move from one URL to another within Informz. A page that contains multiple tabs, and therefore does not require a URL change, is not tracked as activity. Using a tabbed page beyond two hours requires you to click Stay Connected.


The Reviewer now works on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

When the due date is changed in the Reviewer, a new email notification sends to all reviewers.

A new option allows a test mailing to be included with the Reviewer invitation notification. This checkbox is not checked by default, and you can decide if it is necessary for your reviewers to have the test mailing in their inbox. Comments must still take placewithin the online version of the mailing.

Transactional Mailings

Transactional mailings can now use an iMIS SQL View as its recipient source.

A new confirmation opens when deleting a transactional mailing or an attachment template.

Home Page

The charts on the home page have been improved. First, they no longer use Adobe Flash to render. Additionally, the Mobile Opens report was been added, and the data for both related charts outputs one full year's data. The Emails Sent by Month report has been changed to an easier-to-read format, and there is now a button to jump to the Mailing Summary Report page.

Target Group

In addition to the new look and feel, the Target Group page features a target group pop-up that provides detailed information on the target group.

There is also a new tool to analyze a compound target group. As each underlying target group is revealed, you can see if Informz can successfully connect to it or not. This helps determine some problems with “nested” compound target groups.

Template List

There is a new Last Used option on the Template List page.

Mailing Summary Report

The Friendly From and From Email Address is drawn from the mailing (not only from the template).