2014-03-18 (2014.3)

Release Date: March 18, 2014

Search/Export Interface

There is a new Search/Export interface (this has been set as the default view). There is a link to Return to the old version that is provided if you prefer using the old version at this time.

All was added to the Action dropdown in the Date Range section on the new Search/Export report interface to improve search options


An Other category was added to vCalendar. This gives you the flexibility to use your own category designations for vCalendar items.

Mailing Summary

There are new columns in the Mailing Summary report to further assist you in analyzing their data. These columns hold data previously associated with some of the reports in the Analytics Center.

In the Mailing Summary report (under Examine Tabular Results by Mailing), the following additional columns were added:

  • Template Name
  • Folder
  • Accounting Code
  • Day of Week: The day the mailing was sent
  • Time of Day: The hour the mailing was sent
  • Recipient Range: Groups based on the number of recipients
  • Subject Length: Groups based on the length of the subject line
  • Mailing Size: Groups based on the size of the body of the mailing
  • Links: Groups based on the number of links in the mailing
On the Answer Marketing Questions charts, a drilldown option has been added. Clicking a bar on a chart takes you to the Examine Tabular Results by Mailing report with a search applied based on what was clicked.

The following reports were added Under Compare Marketing Results:

  • By Day of Week
  • By Time of Day
  • By Subject Line Length
  • By Number of Recipients
  • By Number of Links
  • By Email Body Size


The Reviewer feature now has Capabilities to control the frequency of email notifications sent as part of a review period. Hyperlinks can also be tested from within the Reviewer. A general comment can be added in the Reviewer without the need to associate the comment with a particular spot in the mailing. The list of reviewers was moved to a pop-up in order to allow more comments to show on the page.