2014-02-25 (2014.2)

Release Date: February 25, 2014

Asset Manager

You can now use the new Asset Manager.

There is a menu option to be able to navigate directly to the Asset Manager. You no longer need to navigate to via a toolbar.

Mailing Summary

In the Mailing Summary, there is a new section called Advertisements and a new report called Mailings with Ads.

There are two new reports, Best Number of Links and Best Mailing Size, in the Answer Marketing Questions area of Mailing Summary report

There are new sections in the Mailing Summary report including Domains and the Generic Domains and Country Domains report that were previously only found in the Analytics Center.

Mailing Activity Report

You now have the ability to include a note when sharing a Mailing Activity report. You can enter this note in the Enter a brief message for recipients field.


The design of the Emergency Link Change page now matches the look of other pages in Informz.

The spatial click-through report now has a heat map capability. Clicked links display within circles of various sizes and colors to depict the quantity of clicked links on the mailing. The old spatial click-through report showed the activity of one link as you hovered over it. Now, the activity of all links is shown in one display as soon as the report opens.