2013-11-11 (2013.11)

Release Date: November 11, 2013


Total Clicks and % Total Clicks are now in the Mailing Activity Report.

# of Times Used and Total Clicks are now in the Advertising list page.

In the online version, any advertisements that are clicked will now open in the same window and will not default to a new browser window.

The string Advertising now appears in cell A1 in Excel when exporting an Advertising report.

Mailing Summary Report

There is now a Major Domains report in the Mailing Summary Report.

Additionally, there is now an Advertisement Summary report in the Mailing Summary Report.

Test Mailings

The Reply To email address will now default to you initiating the test rather than the email address in the Template. This is so the reviewer can simply use "Reply" in their email client to send their comments back and improve the efficiency of reviewing Test mailings.

When you select a Test Method using the Quick Mail feature, the screen will expand to displays all fields. This includes the new Send test replies to field.

When the Test Options section appears in the Mailing Designer, you should see the following:

Emergency Link Change

The Emergency Link Change has been moved from under the Admin menu to the Mailings Menu and now appears on the List Page hover menu. Any Informz user with the Reporter permission, as well as those with the Admin permission, can change the link.

System Settings

You can now suppress receiving Out of Office and Auto-Replies, which can be selected in System Settings.