2013-10-21 (2013.10)

Release Date: October 21, 2013

Google Analytics

You can now exclude Google Analytics tracking for a particular domain on a per-mailing basis, without deleting the domain from the brand. This is only available in Mailing Designer, not Quickmails or Newsletters. There is a new checkbox named Do not track for this mailing.

Subscriber Pop-Up Edit Tab

There are some additional changes to the Edit tab of the Subscriber popup:

  • The Mail Format dropdown was moved to the top of the page.
  • The Personal Information can be expanded and collapsed when toggled with Interests.
  • The Interests can now be added or removed with a single click.

Insert Hyperlink

You can now re-select previously hyperlinked text and insert a new hyperlink for the same selected text.

Informz will now automatically insert http:// to any URL where it may be missing.


You can now view the HTML code when using the Java editor in full screen mode.


When using the Bulk Upload message in AAPI, the Remove Subscribers option works when there are more than 10,0000 subscribers.

Story Layout

When copying a story layout from a parent brand to a child brand, the story layout will be defaulted to the Main Folder. The story layout list will reflect the correct folder name for that story layout.

iMIS Writeback

With Brand Admin permission or being an Informz Super Admin user, you can now set the Default Activity Transfer number of days dropdown for the iMIS writebacks.