This document facilitates the management of Informz subscribers. It is designed for infrequent subscriber data updates. If you expect to be updating subscriber data regularly, Informz recommends the BulkUpload method.

This is document is processed synchronously.

The InterestAction has two options:

  • AddOrUpdateSubscribers
  • ReplaceAllSubscribers

In the Subscribe and Unsubscribe actions the email and ID fields need to be depicted as the example below shows.

  • Email is the first entry
  • ID is the second entry
  • The <ID> tag must be in UPPERCASE



<ActionRequest xmlns="">
 <Brand id="9999">Test Brand</Brand>
     <InterestName>Sample Interest 1</InterestName>
     <InterestName>Sample Interest 2</InterestName>
       <Field element="First_Name">Steve</Field>
       <Field element="Last_Name">Sanders</Field>
       <Field element="First_Name">Mary</Field>
       <Field element="Last_Name">Lamb</Field>
       <Field element="First_Name">Chuck</Field>
       <Field element="Last_Name">Norris</Field>


Node Type Description
<Email> String(100) Email Address
<ID> Int The unique remote ID in the partner application.


  1. Email address does not have to be unique within Informz
  2. Both elements are required
  3. Incoming email addresses are converted to all lowercase.
  4. Subscribers that cannot be created are presented within the <InvalidSubscribers> tag

 Response (with No Invalid Email Addresses)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<ActionResponse xmlns:xsi="" 
xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="">
 <Brand id=“0”>Brand1</Brand>
    <Message xsi:type="xsd:string">3 total records:
3 added.
0 previous subscribers.
0 previous unsubscribers.
0 duplicate subscribers.
0 invalid addresses.</Message>
   <InvalidSubscribers />