Schedules a new outbound email in Informz for publishing. This step occurs after a successful CreateMailing has occurred.

Action Request

<ActionRequest xmlns="">
 <Brand id="9999">Test Brand</Brand>
       <TargetGroupName>New Interest</TargetGroupName>
           <Field element="First_Name">Satyendra</Field>
           <Field element="Last_Name">Bose</Field>


Node Type Req'd? Unique? Description
<AccountingCode> String False False Used for internal "bill back" in a shared services model. If the accounting code does not exist, it will be created. However, if the "Accounting Codes" extension is not enabled for the brand, these will not be available through the Informz UI.
<DataType> True False DataType of the supplied personalization field’s data
<DefaultValue> True False The value to be used if no value is supplied in the data
<EmailAddress> String True False Email address
<Fields> String False False This section, if needed, contains the personalization data to satisfy the personalization (embedded) fields. If none is supplied the <DefaultValue> will be used.
<Field element="xxx">value</Field> ? False False The personalization field name followed by the value to be used.
<Header> False False This section is used when Personalization is desired within the content for this mailing.
<IsTest> Int True True Values: 0=False, 1=True Indicates if this is a test version (pre-publishing) to see how the mailing looks when it reaches an in-box.
<MailingID> Int True The unique mailing ID in Informz. Use this to retrieve the mailing for editing, for deleting, and for scheduling the mailing for publishing.
<Name> True The name of a supplied personalization field
<PublishDateTime> DateTime True False The date and time when the mailing is published. If no time zone is listed, it will be interpreted as GMT.
<Record> True This section contains the subscriber (aka emails or recipients) information
<RemoteID> Int True True Unique ID from the partner application for this email address
<ReturnInvalidSubscribers> Int True True Values: 0=False, 1=True Indicates if Informz is to pass back malformed email addresses in the Response document. These could subsequently be researched in the partner application.
<Status> String False False
<SubscriberData Story ID="###"> Int False False The unique story ID for the story supplied. If none supplied Informz will assume the HTMLContent provided is the story.
<SubscriberID> Int False True The Informz unique ID associated with this email address
TargetGroupName String True False A descriptive name of the list of email recipients (and their personalization information if included) to be used for the publishing of this mailing.


  1. After a mailing is published a mailing instance is created. The mailing instance is where all reporting comes from.
  2. If <PublishDateTime> is blank, it is presumed that the mailing is to be published "Now".
  3. If <PublishDateTime> is within 7 days in the past the mailing will be published "Now" + 1 minute.
  4. <PublishDateTime> cannot be more than 7 days ago.
  5. If <PublishDateTime> is passed missing either the date or the time, an exception will be raised.
  6. If the mailing can't be published due to billing rules (expired or depleted email blocks, or an overdue invoice), an exception will be raised. 


Scheduling response example without invalid subscribers. <ReturnInvalidSubscribers> = 1 in the request.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>

<ActionResponse xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" 
 <Brand id="9999">Test Brand</Brand>
    <Message xsi:type="xsd:string"> Mailing scheduled to go out at 10/15/2009 7:30 PM</Message>


Node Type Description
<MailingID> Int The unique mailing ID in Informz. Use this to retrieve the mailing for editing, for deleting, and for scheduling the mailing for publishing.
<Message> String Further description
<Status> String
Describes what occurred in Informz for the requested action