Mailing Template

A template is the stationery for the format of a mailing. If you need to use various layouts, these are presented in a selectable list.

Element List

Data Element Type Length Conditional? Description
Count Int False Number of matches found based upon criteria used
Name String 50 True Descriptive name
template_ID Int True Unique id for a template.
body_tag_paramaters String 1,000 True Body tag parameters
Bottom String -1 True Bottom section of template
head_tags String -1 True Head Tags
news_format_id String 10 True Unique mailing ID
use_powered_by_informz Bit True Display the Powered By Informz logo?
use_standard_footer Bit True Uses standard footer?
Top String -1 True Top section of template


<GridRequest xmlns="">
 <Brand id="9999">Test Brand</Brand>
  <Grid type="mailing_template">