Mailing Instance

When a mailing is published, a mailing instance is created. The subject line from the mailing is stored with this instance.

Element List

Data Element Type Length Conditional? Description
Count Int False Number of matches found based upon criteria used
is_test Bit Flag for testing
last_resend_date DateTime True Last resend DateTime (if used)
mailing_date DateTime True The DateTime and time when the mailing instance was published.
mailing_id Int True The parent mailing ID to this mailing instance
mailing_instance_id Int Unique id for a mailing instance.
mailing_subject String 255 True The mailing’s subject line
target_group_id Int True The associated target group with the last publishing


<GridRequest xmlns="">
 <Brand id="0">Test Brand</Brand>
  <Grid type="Mailing_Instance">
   <SortField order="asc">Mailing_Date</SortField>