Provides information about mailings. These may or may not have been published. This can be used to populate a listing or to get the details about the mailing. The elements below apply to the request and responses.

Element List

Data Element Type Length Conditional? Description
accounting_code String 50 True The internal bill back code used to allocate mailing costs. (If the Accounting Codes extension is not enabled for the brand, these will not be available through the Informz UI).
Count Int False Number of matches found based upon criteria used.
create_date DateTime True DateTime the mailing was first created
folder_id Int True Unique folder ID
folder_name String 50 True Name of the mailing folder
friendly_from String 50 True The "from name" as it appears on the mailing in the recipients in box. This comes from the template.
from_address String 50 True The "from email address" as it appears on the mailing in the recipients in box. This comes from the template.
Is_deleted Int True Flag indicating if the mailing has been deleted.
last_sent_date DateTime True DateTime the mailing was last sent. (Each publishing of a mailing will yield a mailing instance within Informz.)
MAILING_ID Int The unique mailing ID in Informz. Use this to retrieve the mailing for editing, for deleting, and for scheduling the mailing for publishing.
modify_email String Int True Email address of the person who last modified the mailing
modify_user_id Int True Subscriber ID of the person who last modified the mailing
Name String 255 True The internal name of the mailing
reply_to String 50 True The "reply to email address" where any replies to the original email will be sent
schedule_choice String True 1 = Send now 4 = On hold
send_at_date DateTime True DateTime and time of a publishing
Subject String 255 True The mailing subject line seen by the recipient
template_id Int True Unique ID for the template
template_name String 50 True Name of the template used with the mailing


<GridRequest xmlns="">
 <Brand id="9999">Test Brand</Brand>
  <Grid type="mailing">


Friendly From, From Address, and Reply To come from the Template unless specifically overwritten as part of a ScheduleMailing document.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<GridResponse xmlns:xsd="" 
xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
 <Brand id="9999">Test Brand</Brand>
  <Grid type="mailing">
   <Record row="1">
     <Field element="accounting_code" />
     <Field element="create_date">2011-07-22T21:26:56.4770000Z</Field>
     <Field element="folder_id">4582</Field>
     <Field element="folder_name">FolderName1</Field>
     <Field element="friendly_from">Pineview Registrar</Field>
     <Field element="from_address"></Field>
     <Field element="is_deleted">0</Field>
     <Field element="last_sent_date" />
     <Field element="mailing_id">132054</Field>
     <Field element="modify_date">2011-07-22T21:26:56.4770000Z</Field>
     <Field element="modify_email"></Field>
     <Field element="modify_user_id" />
     <Field element="name">New Fall Course Offerings</Field>
     <Field element="reply_to"></Field>
     <Field element="schedule_choice" />
     <Field element="send_at_date" />
     <Field element="subject">Exciting new fall courses</Field>
     <Field element="template_id">12882</Field>
     <Field element="template_name">Template two</Field>