All exceptions caught and handled by AAPI will return as a soap fault of type InformzAAPIFault. Each fault will contain a code and a reason.

The code is a "camel case," machine readable string representing a generic classification of the error message. The reason is a human readable description containing details of why the fault is occurring.

The following error codes may be returned:

  • BrandNotFoundException
  • ConfigurationErrorException
  • ConflictingInformationException
  • InsufficientDataToCreateSubscriberException
  • InsufficientInformationToCompleteActionException
  • InvalidCredentialsException
  • InvalidDataFormatException
  • InvalidDocumentException
  • InvalidGridCategoryException
  • InvalidMessageException
  • ItemNotFoundException
  • MismatchedTargetGroupsException
  • MultipleDefaultTargetGroupsException
  • NoAvailableIPAddressException
  • NoNameSpaceSpecifiedException
  • SystemAccessException
  • UnexpectedInputException
  • UnknownActionException
  • UnknownRequestException
  • ValidUserNotFoundException