BulkUpload with Interests

The Informz BulkUpload message supports a list of interests that can be attached with an incoming subscriber. These interests can vary from record to record in the API message.

Comma Delimiters

This feature requires that interests be delimited with a comma. This is the only valid character for this interests. Because you must use a comma to delimit interests, you will need to choose a different character to delimit other fields. This is critical because the API will parse any comma-delimited information in the XML document as interests. The comma delimiter will need to be identified in the XML itself (see example below).

Interests are included on a per-subscriber basis. However, if you upload an interest name that does not currently exist in Informz, the upload will ignore it and continue. Every interest you attach in a comma-delimited string must already exist in Informz.

Here are the summary rules for BulkUpload XML:

  • Commas are the interest delimiters used.
  • Other characters, such as a tilde ( ~ ) must be used for other delimiters.
  • There can only be one FieldDefinition called “Interest.”
  • Interests must already exist in Informz or they will be ignored.


Below is a sample XML message. The interests are provided in the comma delimited string:

<ActionRequest xmlns="http://partner.informz.net/aapi/2009/08/">
    <Brand id="9999">Brand Name</Brand>
                <![CDATA[johndoe @informz.com~Test Interest,Opt-Ins interested@informz.com~Test Interest,My New Interest ]]>

If You Are Not Using the Interest Upload…

If no interests are incorporated within the XML, use commas as the standard field delimiter.