API Quick Start Guide - Basic Outline for Integration

The following outline provides the basic steps necessary to integrate with Informz.

  1. In order to push list and personalization data into Informz:
    1. Use the BulkUpload ActionRequest.
    2. Supply the list of Interest name(s) you wish the list of subscribers to be included in.
    3. Specify if you want to add, remove, or replace the current list of subscribers in the interest:
      1. AddOrUpdateSubscribers
      2. ReplaceAllSubscribers
      3. RemoveSubscribers
    4. In your subscriber list itself include the following:
      1. Email address (first in the list)
      2. Remote ID (primary key from your database)
      3. Any personalizations you wish to have associated with this record (e.g. FirstName, Status, etc.)
    5. You will receive a successful response with an UploadID indicating that we have received your request.
    6. How to tell when the Upload is completed, use these criteria:
      1. If you have used (<StatusEmailRecipients><Email>Test@test.com</Email></StatusEmailRecipients>) in your call, an email is sent to that address when the Upload has been completed.
      2. You can use that UploadID to make a GridRequest using the upload_history context, which tells you when the Upload has been processed:
        1. Supply the upload_id
        2. Return the status
  2. In order to see what mailings were sent on a specific day or range of days:
    1. Use the mailing_instance context.
    2. Supply the date value(s) as conditions using the mailing_date field.
    3. Return the list of mailing_instance_id(s) for usage below.
  3. In order to see mailing activities from specific mailings:
    1. Use the values from Step 2 above.
    2. Query the mailing_activity_subscriber_actions context or subscriber_mailing_history context. This gives you:
      1. Clicked (Y/N)
      2. Delivered (Y/N)
      3. Opened (Y/N)
  4. In order to see who unsubscribed from a specific mailing:
    1. Use the values from Step 2 above.
    2. Query the subscriber context with:
      1. cancellation_mailing_instance_id
      2. cancellation_date for desired range
      3. is_unsubscriber
  5. In order to see who has opted out of Informz Interests managed from an Informz subscription form (this does not require a mailing instance id):
    1. Use the Subscriber Removed From Interests GridRequest context.
    2. Include the list of Interest Name(s) you wish to be pulling back data from.
      1. Make sure the name list matches exactly for Case, etc.
    3. Use the deleted_from_interest_date field to supply a data that includes everyone since the last time you pulled. (If you run this once a day, then you just need the data from the previous day).