API Introduction

Thank you for choosing to work with Informz on this integration project! We are looking forward to a successful technical relationship with you and your company.

This documentation helps you to get set up and to develop your web service client/consumer.

Suggested Uses

The main anticipated use of the Informz Web Service is to simplify the synchronization of data between Informz and another client application. This facilitates the easy transfer of email addresses captured in one environment and then being directed into Informz.

In addition to email address, other information about the email recipient can be transferred. For example, first name can be provided so that a mailing can be personalized using that data. Further segmentation of the subscriber base can also occur in Informz leveraging this personal information.

Equally important as getting information about those who wish to receive mailings from your organization is to know those people who do not wish to receive mailings from your organization. Lists of unsubscribers can also be sent to Informz so that these email addresses can be excluded from future mailings.

Aside from data synchronization, these lists can serve as a starting point for generating reports. There are many GridRequest actions that can be used to retrieve data from Informz. This included information about subscribers as well as the results of any mailing publishing.

Technology Overview

Informz has embraced a document-centric approach to SOAP-based web services. This is considered to be a "second generation" approach for web services. There are a number of benefits to this approach that we think will be helpful to you as you develop your integration. Please go to http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/webservices/library/ws-docstyle.html for more details.

These benefits include:

  • Sending a single document (as opposed to making multiple iterative method calls)
  • Listening for only the data that you want in a Response Document
  • Avoiding RPC, which is more "fragile" with regard to versioning


Understanding how Informz works will be helpful to you as you begin work on this project. The Informz Partner Relationship Manager will schedule a session, or sessions, for your team to learn about Informz and how it operates.  Having a basic understanding of the Informz UI will help you to test your API.

If you have any questions about working with the Informz API please contact Informz. support@informz.com is monitored for any technical questions related to use of the web service. Please list your name and include any relevant uncompressed XML calls in your message.