API Glossary

Term Definition
Accounting Code An internal billing code used for "bill back" at a client site. Accounting codes is an optional extension in Informz.
Brand An Informz account
Branding The visual-defining features associated with the identification of a particular entity. For example, a logo would be part of the branding for an organization.
Click-through The act of a mailing recipient clicking an embedded hyperlink within the mailing.
Data Format A way to either import data into Informz via the UI or a report format.
Data Input Form A web-based form used for email-registration management, event registration, and fund-raising. Attributes can be assigned to a form, along with customized branding.
DBA Database Administrator.
Delivered An indicator denoting that a mailing was delivered to a recipient’s mail server.
Demographic A dropdown list of segmentation values
Extension An optional feature in a brand
Forward The act of the original recipient sending an Informz email to someone else. This is also referred to as "send-a-friend" or "forward to a friend."
Hard Bounce A permanent mail delivery problem.
Interest A segmentation flag
Landing Page An HTML page designed specifically to complement a link within an email mailing with related content. Landing pages are used to improve deliverability by reducing the overall content of the email mailing, thereby reducing filterable text.
Mailing Mailing is the object that contains the properties associated with the construct of what is to be published. This provides a list of mailings across mailing folders from Informz. You may have a program, or a UI, that displays mailings to be used for inquiry or reporting. The ID would then be used to get to the Instances associated with this Mailing. Use the Mailing ID to retrieve all Mailing Instances in order to then get the Mailing Activity that occurred as a result of that publishing.
Mailing Instance The Mailing Instance is the manifestation of a publishing action. Initially this will have the publish date/time, test status (or not), subject line, and the associated target group to which the mailing was sent. Each time a mailing is published a new instance is created.
News Story See Story
Open The act of a mailing being opened in a recipient’s email reader (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google GMail, HotMail).
Opt-out The action taken by a subscriber indicating that they no longer wish to receive a specific type of mailing from an organization. For example, they may not wish to receive the athletics newsletter but they would be willing to receive other communications.
Personalization A code (e.g. "%%First Name%%") placed in a mailing to display specific information associated with that subscriber.
Publishing The act of distributing a mailing to subscribers (recipients)
Recipient See Subscriber.
Send a Friend See Forward
Soft Bounce Usually a temporary problem with mailing delivery.
Story Mailing content. Can be HTML or Text.
Subscriber A subscriber record holds a single email address in Informz. A subscriber record also has an User ID representing the unique ID of this email address as it exists in your application. This will allow you to associate data from Informz with a particular entry in your application.
Subscription form A data input form used to add or update subscriber profile information.
Target Group The Informz tool used to segment subscribers in order to send an email to them. Also referred to as a segment.
Targeting The act of defining a segment of subscribers to receive an email. Also referred to as segmenting.
Unsubscribe The action taken by a subscriber indicating that they no longer wish to receive any future emails from an organization.
Web Service A method of communicating safely over the Internet, usually for data transfers.