Altai Workflows

Altai uses a workflow to send information to Informz. Target groups are developed from Marketing Lists during the workflow process. The workflow can be run manually or automatically. Altai has implemented a nightly job to refresh the Marketing Lists, but users can also set the workflow to run at other preferred times. Additionally, Marketing Lists can be refreshed manually.


Navigate to CRM > Processes > Settings.

Click New and use the following settings:

  • Process Name: Informz Upload
  • Category: Workflow
  • Entity: Marketing List
  • Run this workflow in the Background: Checked
  • Type: New Blank Process

Click OK.

In the Process Setup window, check the As an on-demand process checkbox.

Uncheck the Record is created checkbox.

Click Add Step and select Altai.Workflows.Informz > Altai.Workflows.Informz.InterestBulkUpload.

Set the following properties in the properties window:

  • Informz Brand ID: The brand ID assigned by Informz.
  • Informz Brand Name: The brand name assigned by Informz.
  • Informz User: The username assigned by Informz.
  • Informz Password: The password assigned by Informz.
  • Informz Web Service URL: The URL to the Informz Service as assigned by Informz.
  • Send Email Recipient: The email address you want to receive the upload success or failure message.
  • ID Field Name: The CRM field schema name of the field that is used as the ID field in Informz (this is a special field required for upload).
  • Email Field Name: The CRM field schema name of the field that is used for the email address in Informz (this is a special field that is required for upload).
  • Import Field Names: A comma-separated list of CRM field schema names on the contact record that imports into Informz.
  • Import Field Labels: A comma-separated list of labels in the same order as the Import Field Names that is used for the profile information form in Informz.

Save and close the properties windows and Activate the workflow.

Navigate to Marketing > Marketing Lists and select the Marketing list that you would like to send to Informz.

Click the Menu icon and click Run Workflow.

Select the on-demand workflow you created for the integration and click Add.

Click OK.

Marketing Lists and Campaigns

Marketing lists are created in Altai. These lists are developed into target groups in Informz during the workflow process. A marketing list can be either static or dynamic. A campaign is how you organize your communications to contacts and leads; a Campaign can have multiple marketing lists.

Ebb and (Work)Flow

Once you have a workflow setup in Altai, you can easily bring any marketing lists into Informz. Marketing lists in turn become target groups (lists of subscribers) - the heart and soul of your organization's marketing efforts!